How to Dress for Fall


How to Dress for Fall

Choose the right colors. The weather starts to cool down during the fall, so you should wear darker, more neutral colors. Avoid bright and light colors such as whites, pastels, and neons. The colors that are most suitable for fall are:
Dark colors, such as burgundies, navies, and plums.
Neutral colors such as browns, grays, and blacks.
Earth tones, such as browns, tans, beiges, forest greens, dark greens, and olive greens.
Warm colors based on the fall leaves, such as creams, gold, bronze, dark reds, and dark oranges.

Choose the right patterns. There are certain patterns that are more associated with fall than others. Fabrics with bright, cheerful tropical flowers (such as hibiscus) will remind people more of summer or spring, and may look out of place on a cool, rainy, fall day. Plaid and houndstooth are perfect for fall, however; they are more somber and reserved, which blends well with the cool weather.
Consider wearing dark florals instead. An example of dark florals is anything with a black, navy, plum, or burgundy background. Flowers that work well with fall include roses, thistle, and pansies.

Choose the right fabrics. You want something that can keep you warm. Avoid linens, silks, and light cottons. Not only are they too light for fall, but they are also often associated with warmer weather. The fabrics that are the most suitable for fall are:
Leather, suede, and pleather or imitation leather
Flannel and felt
Cashmere wool[1]
Denim, corduroy, and chambray


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