Polished Outfit Ideas for When It’s Hot Hot Hot


Polished Outfit Ideas for When It’s Hot Hot Hot


Louis Rubi, the co-founder of Barcelona-based brand LR3. Louis’s feed rivals Krispy Kreme donuts in addictiveness, serving up an infinite stream of styling ideas that make you want to stand in front of your closet and bask in its possibilities. While scrolling through his most recent posts, I noticed he has a particular knack for putting together outfits that look polished and interesting but still appropriate for summer weather. Since my personal tendency is to wear as few things as possible when it’s really hot out, I asked him to let me in on some of his secrets when it comes to having fun with clothes while still keeping cool. Below are three brand new outfits styled by Louis for the occasion, plus his insights behind them. – Harling

A “Businessman Who Just Took Off His Pants” Vibe

The summer is a struggle for me because I love to layer. If an outfit is too plain or simple, I don’t feel like myself. I’ve had to find creative ways of layering in warm weather with pieces that aren’t oppressive and still allow air flow. This blazer is great for that because it’s oversized and has slits in the back. I love how the proportions look when it’s styled with really short shorts, so when the blazer is closed it almost looks like you’re wearing a dress. The shorts kind of resemble boxers, which gives the outfit a fun “businessman who just took off his pants” vibe.


An Experiment With Proportion–and a Straw Hat Just ‘Cu

I really like the contrast between a super tight tank top and oversized trousers with a lot of fabric going on. I try to sneak some volume into my outfits when I can get away with it in the summer, and pleats are a great way to do that. The open button-down shirt is one of my signature summer layers, because it’s so lightweight and can easily be added or removed as temperatures fluctuate. And then the hat–that’s my secret weapon for sprucing up any outfit. I think people should wear hats all the time–I don’t know why they don’t!


A Magic Combination Courtesy of Baggy Jeans and a Sweater Vest


I bought these trousers in the South of France. I saw them hanging in a flea market and fell in love with them immediately. My boyfriend at the time was like, “Are you kidding?” Because they were really baggy on me. But that’s part of the fun in styling them. I like the look of trousers cinched at the waist with a belt, almost like a paper bag–that crinkled effect at the top is a way of adding an interesting element to an otherwise simple outfit. I’m also a big proponent of sweater vests in the summer. They’re sophisticated and a great layering piece that still lets you stay cool.



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