‘W’ Strikes Deal With Bustle Digital Group, Jeffrey Campbell’s ‘Lita’ Shoe Is 10 Years Old


‘W’ Strikes Deal With Bustle Digital Group, Jeffrey Campbell’s ‘Lita’ Shoe Is 10 Years Old

W magazine, which will now be known as “W Media,” has struck a deal with Bustle Digital Group to serve as its new “operating partner.” The publication’s editor-in-chief Sara Moonves also assembled a group of investors, including models Kaia Gerber and Karlie Kloss, racecar driver Lewis Hamilton and TV producer Jason Blum, to acquire the magazine as part of a new joint venture.A look back at the polarizing Lita shoe on its 10th anniversaryMarie Lodi recalls the polarizing nature of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoe for New York Magazine‘s The Cut on the 10th anniversary of the chunky footwear’s reign. “When the Lita entered our consciousness exactly ten years ago, it became a trend that people either loved or hated, and, according to the response I’ve gotten from tweeting about its anniversary, it seems like that duality hasn’t changed,” she writes.Cosmo Beauty Assistant Ama Kwarteng dismantles numerous misconceptions surrounding sunscreen, skin cancer and Black skin in a new “Black Girl’s Guide to SPF” for the publication. “While a story on SPF might seem minor in the fight for equality, it’s important to see self-care as a pretty revolutionary act of self-preservation that shouldn’t be taken lightly,” she writes in the package’s introduction. “Using daily SPF is a small (and pretty damn significant) way to take care of yourself and show your skin some love.” The comprehensive, multi-part guide includes myth busting, information on how to do at-home skin cancer checks, assistance with finding quality sunscreen formulas and more.

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