Wearing and Layering Your Clothes


Wearing and Layering Your Clothes

Try wearing boots with jeans. Both will help keep you warm as the weather starts to grow colder. Keep in mind, however, that skinny jeans look best tucked into a pair of jeans, while boot cut jeans look better when placed over the boots. Here are some more ideas:
Pair skinny jeans with some black or brown knee-high riding boots. A white shirt worn under a plaid button-up shirt will complete the outfit.
Wear some boot cut jeans over a pair of work boots; avoid tucking them into the boots, or you will create too much bulk. Pair this with a long-sleeved, scoop-necked shirt.
Layer skirts and dresses over leggings and tights. If you can’t part with your skirts and dresses for a season, then wear them with a pair of dark-colored tights or leggings and a pair of boots for a quick, chic look.

Bring out the outerwear. Just because fall brings cooler weather does not mean that you have to put your favorite tank top of short-sleeved shirt away. You can still keep warm while wearing your favorite shirt by pairing it with a chic, fitted suit jacket or light cardigan. You can also pair it with a light-weight sweat or hoodie. Here are some more ideas:
Cardigans come in both short and long lengths. Consider wearing a long cardigan un-buttoned, and securing it around your waist with a wide belt. A pair of skinny jeans and tall boots will complete the look.
Try a tweed or corduroy jacket. The textures will add some contrast to your outfit.
If you live in a cooler area, keep warm by wearing longer coats or a trench coat. If you live in a warmer area, then try to find a jacket without a lining.

Layer your shirts. You can keep warm on cool mornings with a tank top worn under a long-sleeved shirt or cardigan. As the day grows warmer, you can take the cardigan or outer shirt off. Here are some more ideas:
Wear a lacy shirt over a similar-colored tank top.
If you live in a cooler climate, you can try wearing a tank top or shirt-sleeved shirt under a turtleneck.
Pair a button-up shirt with a knit shirt. You can wear a tank top, short-sleeved shirt, or long-sleeved shirt depending on how warm or cool it is in your area. The layering will keep you warm in the morning, and you can take the button-up shirt off when it gets warmer.

Mix and match. Fall is all about contrast: summer turning into winter, life turning to death, and warm turning to cold. Consider pairing solids with patterns, lights with darks, and mixing textures. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Try pairing leather and lace. The two textures work well together because they are so different.
Another way to mix and match textures is by wearing knit boot cuffs with some leather boots or solid-colored leggings.
Wear a a dark-colored shirt under a light-colored sweater.
Mix and match patterns, such as a red plaid button-up shirt with a white undershirt, or a dark-floral skirt with a black, lacy shirt.
Pair a flowing, boho blouse with some skinny jeans and boots. Secure the blouse around your waist with a colorful silk scarf or a wide, leather belt.

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